The course of first blog never did run smooth

Today’s the day. The day I start my teacher blog. I know what I want to write, it’ll be short and sweet, but nevertheless a little thought pebble dropped into the waters of EdTwitter. Will it sink unnoticed to the depths or create ripples of recognition? Who knows. Frankly, at this point, who cares?

So. Decided on title. Signed up to wordpress. Got picture cropped and centred. Now whole face appears.

However. Family is awake. How do they interrupt me? Let me count the ways…

1. The deliberately polite request: “Excuse me, mum, sorry to interrupt but please could you make our toast? We *have* been downstairs quietly for ages trying not to wake you up, but now you’re up… ”

2. The Match Attax based poser: “Who do you think is best, Rob Green or Hugo Lloris?” *she guesses wildly*  “Incorrect.” [with satisfaction]

3. The interesting conversation starter: “You know plants?” “Mmmm.” “And seeds?” “Yeees” “Well… I’ve been thinking, which came first?”

4. The Cat (coming to sit on knee while on computer)

5. The Advanced Cat (sitting on knee and asking to play a game instead of what you’re doing. Note: brazen version = opening a new window to do so)

6. The genuine call for engagement: “I’d really like to show you how to play this game” … “which game do you want to play?” “look at this really cool thing I made” or the simple, killer, “will you play with me?”

7. The cry for help (which shows they have already tried to do it themselves): “Muuuuuum! I can’t reach my football kit, it’s hung too high up – even with the step-up”

8. The guilt trip: “Why are you always working?”  “You never play with us”

9. The unhelpful helpful contribution “Oh, you’re starting a blog. I like blogs. Let me show you some things I like.”

10. The Dog. AKA puppy eyes, which, combined with any of the above they *know* is a guaranteed winner.

So there it is. I’m sorry but we’ll all have to wait for my first blog. I have to go now. I’m sure you understand. I need to decide whether to be DogPound or Casey Jones in the latest round of… [blogger interrupted]


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